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M. Joseph Sebastian Saint Jean  
Chief Consultant

Aattral Management Consultants                                            
39, 6th Street, North Jagannathan Nagar
Villivakkam, Chennai 600 049
Ph: (R) 044 - 26501372 / (M) +91 - 98400 34044


27 years of rich experience in the field of HR Management. Had headed Corporate HR in Wind energy, Automobile, Chemical and Electronics industries.

  • Hard Core Trainer
  • OD Expert / Change Management Specialist
  • HR Generalist - Implemented 4 Green Field Projects being Kothari Petrochemicals Ltd, Sundram Fastners Ltd, India Meters, Gamesa Wind Turbines and Foundry expansion
  • Policy / Procedure Formulator
  • Strong IR experienced & Achiever
  • Personality / Family councilor


M.S.W. (Social Work) Specialization in Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, Labour Welfare - Loyola (Autonomous) College, Chennai in 1988 with ‘A’ Grade

B.Com - Loyola (Autonomous) College, Chennai in 1986 with ‘A’ Grade

LLB - B.M.S College of Law, Bangalore in 2002

Important Positions Held

General Manager (Country Head) – HR with Gamesa Wind Turbines Pvt. Ltd, an MNC, world leader of wind Mills manufacturing, erection and operation

South Regional Head - HR, With Sumi - Motherson

Asst. General Manager–HR & Admin with Sundram Fasteners Ltd, Autolec Division, (lead HR & Admin functions of Autolec Division consisting of 6 automobile ancillary Factories and one Foundry)

Also Headed HR for Kothari Petrochemicals Ltd, Onkyo India Ltd, Poysha Industrial Company Limited, Chennai

Achievements as a Trainer

  • Hard Core Trainer; Trained around 9000 participants in different soft skills (RATED HIGHEST by participants among both external and internal trainers of Sundram Fastners Ltd, Autolec).
  • Specialist in all soft skills trainings like Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Relationship Skills, Decision Making Skills, Planning & Organizing Skills and Creativity and job skills like Interviewing skills, statutory compliances.
  • Also Specialist in conducting Trainings in Tamil and special trainings for workmen.
  • All training classes conducted on an average were rated 64% as Excellent, 36% as Good and not even by one participant as average so for.
  • Good in Interfacing workshop between inter / intra department groups of friction and building up team work and the bond of belongingness and oneness.
  • Had trained Plant Heads in both soft skills and on special tasks like fixing Key Result Areas, Performance Appraisal, Statutory Compliances, etc.
  • Specialist in assessing special training needs, designing and conducting need based trainings.
  • Good in succession planning work shop.
  • Specialist in Motivation Trainings.
  • Also specialist in Labour Law and Statutory compliance Training.
  • Good in Conducting Training classes for mass while launching new Schemes and policies.

Achievements in HR

  • Recruited various senior level positions in engineering chemical and electronics and leather industries. Had recruited total Plant Team of Kothari Petro Chemicals Ltd., Magnetic Meters India Ltd and Plant III of Sundaram Fasteners Ltd. Autolec Division.
  • Designed and implemented HR Policies for both Indian and Multi National companies.
  • Conducted climate study and Designed and executed HR Interventions like Performance Appraisal Management System, Suggestion Schemes, House Magazines, Mentor Mentee Schemes, Retention Policies, Compensation Packages, Incentive system, Task forces etc. Brought in Change management successfully and have improved the culture.
  • Also expert in Job profiling by 360 degree feedback
  • Had successfully completed 4 Green Field Projects being Kothari Petro Chemicals Ltd., Magnetic Meters India Ltd., and Plant IV & V of Sundaram Fasteners Ltd. Autolec Division and Gamesa India, a world leader in Wind Energy. Completed all these projects and started the plants well before the targeted time.

Achievements in Industrial Relations

  • Improved Industrial Relations to an atmosphere of Peace & Understanding.
  • Had handled different unions like Socialist Workers Union (Mr. Fenn walter), CITU, INTUC, etc. and have signed various 12(3) and 18(1) settlements on Wages and Bonus demands.
  • Handled Strikes Successfully for various companies organized by different unions like United Labour Federation, Socialist Workers Union (Mr. Fenn Walter), CITU, TN General Industrial and Commercial workers union, and have emerged stronger.
  • By having brought in understanding among extremist workmen and having built up stronger acceptance among them, have successfully handled crisis situation, to the extend office bearers agreeing and changing their leader for the purpose of peaceful signing of the wage settlement.
  • Successfully handled Go Slows by understanding and breaking their tactics through education and team work built among shop floor supervisors / Managers.
  • Brought in cultural change among workmen and developed self-discipline. Breaking the constrains in long term settlement and the long run practices, signed 18 (1) settlement with union office bearers on general discipline / code of conducts.
  • Developed a concept called ‘Positive IR’ and have successfully implemented at companies like Kothari Petrochemicals Ltd, Gamesa India Pvt. Ltd. Positive IR aims at creating an environment of trust and oneness, where the need of union is not felt.
  • Have trained many senior (VP’s and GMs) to junior level management staff on tools and means of achieving Positive IR. This training whenever conducted have been rated excellent and have created change in the mindset of the participants and have also charged them with confidence in handling IR better
  • Even while taking tough stands against unions maintained a good relationship with its union leaders.
  • Designed and implemented VRS successfully.
  • Handled Labour Court Cases and won them successfully by not leaving them fully to the advocates.
  • As a custodian of Discipline, successfully worked on self-discipline.
  • Had conducted Domestic Enquiries.
  • Had completed successfully and fairly 18 Domestic Enquiries, appointing just two enquiry officers and passed final orders all within 3 months.

Personality &  Family counseling

Had successfully handled various Personality and Family Counseling.

Crisis Management

Had successfully handled various crisis like fatal accidents and its consequence, Public Relation crisis, issues from vendors etc.


Authored a book on ‘Personality Development’ in Tamil titled “Aalumai valarchi” launched by very leading Educationalists & very eminent HR professional and well received by scholars and public. This book is also followed as text book in some autonomous colleges.

TV interviews, particularly on "PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT" has been well received.

Delivered Guest Lectures at Colleges like BIM, Trichy, Loyola, Chennai, MCC, Chennai, Holy Cross, Trichy, Ethiyraj, Chennai.

Chaired International seminar on CSR organized by Commerce Department of Holy Cross, Trichy, and had been resource person for various seminars / conferences which includes international conference at Spain and UK.

Had been chief guest for various functions like Annual day Function and cultural functions of Colleges and School like Velammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Gojan School of Business & Technology.

All the 7 yrs in the employment at Sundram Fastners Limited rated outstanding in performance and has been promoted twice (Manager HR to Sr. Manager HR to Asst. General Manager HR).

Good in ensuring Statutory and Safety Compliance, HR audit and Liasoning with Government Officials.

Important Trainings Attended

  • Certificate course on Basic Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Certificate course on TA101
  • Five days training on SIX SIGMA by Sathyam Infotech
  • Two days training on TPM by Mr. Srinivasan, TPM Club Of India
  • One day training on OHSAS by Inter Tek

Countries Visited

UK, Spain, France, China, Singapore.

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Dear Sebastian,

I hoped to retain you in Gamesa, because you know that I appreciate a lot your professional skills, your efforts, dedication, commitment and good manners. I always have a high regards for your commitment on professional ethics and feel that you have strong positive values. If your decision finally is to leave Gamesa, I wish you great success in you new venture “Aattral Management Consultants”.

You have a friend in Spain. If you need some help from me, please don’t hesitate to call me at any time. You have a friend in Spain. When you visit Spain with your family, do not forget to call on me.

We will keep in touch.

My best wishes for you and your family.

Best regards,

Juana María Fernàndez Martín del Campo
Human Capital Management Managing Director
Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica
C/ Ramírez de Arellano 37
28043 Madrid
Tlfno. (+34) 91 503 17 00
Email: jmfernandez@gamesacorp.com



I do sincerely appreciate all your hard work and effort contributed to build Gamesa India from almost zero, three years ago, to what it is today.

I wish you all the best with your new venture and hope to keep close in touch.

Best regards,

Ricardo Chocarro
Global Head of Operation & New projects Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica
C/ Ramírez de Arellano 37
28043 Madrid


Dear Sebastian,
It has been a real pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you because besides your professional skills what really impressed me were your personal skills, please do not loose your strength.
I wish you all the best in your new business and I am confident that it is turning in a big success.
We are going to miss you in Gamesa.
Very best and good luck
Company Secretory & Global Head - Legal
Gamesa Corporaciòn Tecnològica
28043 Madrid, Spain


Dear Sir,
We, the students of BIM, express our thanks for your interesting and informative lecture on Performance Appraisal Management.
The special lecture on Performance Appraisal Management was an eye opener in many aspects. We also gained a lot from the ideas you expressed from the practitioner's viewpoint. The valuable insights you provided have gone a long way in enhancing our knowledge and understanding of Performance Appraisal Management.
We also thank you for giving us that rare glimpse of the system of Performance Appraisal Management. We were able to understand the advanced practices followed by you in your goal to achieve excellence in the global arena. We were also given a close view of the numerous challenges faced before, during and after implementation. The courage and dedication with which these challenges have been faced and overcome by your organization's team of devoted mavericks is truly inspiring and has instilled in us the determination to succeed even in the face of insurmountable opposition.
We will be privileged to have you more often on our campus. Your valuable interaction will surely motivate the managers of tomorrow to work hard and achieve their goals. We thank you once again for your contribution to our development and wellbeing. We hope that we will fully justify the faith you have reposed in us and be visionary leaders of tomorrow whose footsteps can proudly be followed in utilizing "Private Excellence for Public Good".

With warmest regards
Zubin Somervell

Aattral Management Consultants
6th street, North Jaganathan Nagar
Villivakam, Chennai 600 049
Land Line : 044 26501372
Mobile : 98400 34044, 91768 23385
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