Management Support

Industrial Resources

  1. Supporting in handling Union and Disciplinary actions
  2. Specialist in solving IR issues and improving Industrial Peace  
  3. Guiding in Wage and Bonus negotiations and supporting the signing of 18 (1) and 12 (3) settlements
  4. Supporting / guiding in attending conciliations before JCL, DCL and LO
  5. Bridging gap and bringing union and all employees togather with Management with a "we feelings" and family bond - Positive IR building
  6. Legal drafting; Charge sheets, Domestic enquiry, Second show cause letter, Dismissal order, response to notice, etc  
  7. Designed and implemented VRS
  8. Guiding & supporting Management in facing legal case successfully

Human Resources

  1. Climate study, Identifying, designing and implementing HR interventions/ initiatives.
  2. Skill assessment, Gap analysis, training needs prioritization and Training Calendar Finalization
  3. Designing Performance Appraisal Scheme, Various bonus schemes, Mentor Mentee schemes, Suggestion scheme etc educating the same to employees and implementing them successfully
  4. Designing HR policies & procedures and supporting HR Team in implementation.

Statutory Compliances

  1. Guiding compliances,  supporting problem solving,
  2. Liasioning with Government officials
  3. Getting approval and clearances for establishing new factory / expanding (Have successfully implemented 5 Green field projects within the targeted time)
  4. Senior positions to junior levels. Our strength Areas: Wind Mill Industries, Automobile, Engineering and Heavy Engineering, Chemical, Electronic and leather industries.
  5. We conduct preliminary interviews and give only the shortlisted  candidates  


  1. Employee counseling
  2. Family counseling
  3. Adult counseling, students counseling

Crises Management
A right & successful handling of crisis not only solves crises, but also makes you stronger. Just call us if you are in crisis, we will support you, if required will handle the crisis and make you stronger than ever

English to Tamil / Tamil to English Translation
Translation is an art of bringing out the same meaning from one language to another understanding the social, legal and cultural difference. We are experts in this translation